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LED ceiling light Lyon

LED ceiling light Lyon

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Luminous flux:15 lm/W

Color temperature:3000К / 6000K



Dimension:510х510х60мм ; 600х600х60мм ; 900х600х60мм

Warranty:2 years

Dimensions Illuminated area
510x510x60mm up to 13 sq.m
600x600x60mm up to 20 sq.m
900x600x60mm up to 30 sq.m
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LED ceiling light Lyon
LED ceiling light Lyon

The LED light fixture "Lyon", from the series of designer light fixtures offered by Dianid, is a stylish light fixture suitable for ceiling mounting.

Used as the only lighting, at its maximum power, we recommend the Lyon LED body with size 510x510x60mm for lighting rooms up to 12 square meters in size.

Used as the only lighting, at its maximum power, we recommend the Lyon LED body with the size 900x600x60mm for lighting rooms up to 16 square meters in size.

The body can be made with warm or cold white light.

The light fixture changes its color temperature in three different shades each time it is switched on. How can you change the color temperature of the Lyon LED fixture? Turn on the light fixture - if the color temperature is not right for the moment, just turn off and on again.

The light fixture is packed in a cardboard box and sealed with styrofoam. In the box, the light fixture is wrapped with protective film and paper for additional protection from scratches during shipping. IMPORTANT! When removing the protective film and paper, do not use sharp objects or abrasive preparations and materials. The protective film and paper must be removed carefully and patiently by hand. It is recommended not to use other means, as they can easily scratch the light fixture. Scratched lighting fixtures are not replaced!

If you don't think you can handle the removal of the protective film yourself, we can do it for you completely free of charge. In this case, you need to get the light fixture from our store in person.

LED illuminators CANNOT be combined with any other illuminators except LED in the same lighting circuit!
Combining them with other types of lighting can cause the LEDs to burn out, which is NOT COVERED by the warranty!

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