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Warranty conditions

The products manufactured by Dianid are laser marked with the month and year of manufacture and the letter A for a 3-year warranty, the letter B for a 2-year warranty, 4 or 5-year warranty, respectively for products with a 4- and 5-year warranty.

If not laser marked, products must be marked with a warranty sticker. This sticker guarantees that in the event of a technical malfunction, your product will be repaired or replaced!

Please pay attention to whether the corresponding marking is available on the items you receive!

For information about orders, deliveries, guarantees, complaints, please contact us on phone: 0893 34 03 36 or e-mail: dianid@abv.bg to discuss the optimal solution for the situation that has arisen.

Keep the following in mind:

The products are sent for warranty repair or replacement to the Econt office in the city of Belovo, address: city of Belovo, Yundola Blvd. No. 5, for the company Dianid ltd.

Warranty products are accepted for repair or replacement only if their warranty stickers or laser markings have not been violated, they have not been disassembled, or there has been no legal attempt to repair or change their construction by persons outside the Dianid company service center.

All product malfunctions caused by manufacturing defects or material defects occurring during the warranty period will be repaired free of charge.

If your complaint is considered valid, the goods will be repaired or replaced and sent to you at the specified address within one month. In this case, the transport costs are at the expense of the company Dianid*.

*Regardless of whether sent for warranty or out-of-warranty repair, shipping for all products in the LED bulb category is at the customer's expense!

If the complaint is accepted as justified, the repair period is added to the warranty period.

If your complaint is not justified, the same product will be returned to you and the shipping costs will be at your expense in both directions. In this case, the product can be repaired out of warranty, and you will be informed in advance of the cost of the repair.

For products sent to another Econt office, other than the Econt office in the city of Belovo, address: city of Belovo, Yundola Blvd. No. 5, the transport costs will not be covered, regardless of whether the reason for the complaint is justified or not.

Damage caused by natural wear or use, non-compliance with technical specifications, use of unsuitable consumables, overloading, electric shock or improper use are not covered by the warranty.

The warranty does not cover disassembly and assembly of the products, except in cases where the assembly was carried out by Dianid ltd.

All warranty conditions are void in case of any attempt to repair a light fixture outside of a Dianid company service.

No warranty or out-of-warranty repairs are offered when purchasing a street light housing only.

Depending on the workload, the Dianid company reserves the right to issue complaints within the statutory period of 30 days.

In the event that the ordered goods do not meet your expectations, you can cancel the concluded contract remotely, according to the terms of Article 55 of the Consumer Protection Act. The transport costs of returning the product in this case are at the customer's expense.

Please note that when the product is purchased with a certain warranty period and after its purchase, the company Dianid ltd has increased the standard warranty period (for the relevant product), this does not extend the warranty period of an already purchased product. It is subject to the warranty conditions that were valid at the time of purchase (note the laser marking on the product).

Safety instructions:

1. Always turn off the power before replacing your lamp.
2. Do not get the lamp wet or store it in damp places.
3. Make sure the lamp is not hot before replacing it.
4. Make sure that the mains voltage corresponds to the operating voltage indicated on the lamp.


Terms of Delivery

Out-of-warranty repair
In certain situations, we can offer out-of-warranty repair of lighting fixtures that have been purchased from us. This is possible when the rules for warranty repair have been violated, the warranty period for the relevant product has expired, or if it is technically possible to carry out such repair.

The price of an out-of-warranty repair includes the replaced components and labor. Transport costs are at the customer's expense. All replaced parts (only these) are guaranteed for a period that depends on the specific product (unless otherwise agreed, this period is 2 years). All warranty conditions apply to replaced parts.

We reserve the right to refuse out-of-warranty repairs if the fixture is no longer available or in other specific cases.

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