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Module magnetic linear system

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Put all your imagination into action and take the liberty to transform your ideas into light patterns that work in harmony with the surrounding environment! With linear modular lighting systems that are offered by DIANID Ltd - it is a brand new generation of positioning, adjusting and lighting focus that meets the specific needs of the room. Each module can be adjusted and positioned in the location of your choice easily and without any additional tools! All thanks to the innovative assembly of the magnetic fixation tool - which actually makes it very convenient for the user to adjust the lights accordingly to your specific needs!
Looking to elegantly upgrade in your interior with a luxurious design? You can easily achieve your goal, thanks to the new magnetic modular systems.

Want to upgrade the system or change any of the modules? There is nothing easier than this and it only takes less than a minute!!! Magnetic modular systems for LED lighting allow you to be creative, also giving you flexibility, reliability, and most of all are cost-effective

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