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LED cigars with an aluminum body for excellent cooling strength, which give you  many reasons to choose them. The two main however, are the short payback period of the initial investment through energy savings (between 50% and 90%) and their much longer life compared to other types (plastic, glass, etc.).

The "Standard" and "A" class LED cigars are made with an aluminum housing that ensures the perfect cooling of the diodes. This guarantees a significant extension of their life compared to plastic or glass lighting tubes (as you may also come across these types of lighting fixtures). We offer a large selection of sizes and powers of LED cigars T8 and T5, so that you can find the products that meet your needs.

LED cigars class "Standard"

One of the most profitable offers not only in the Dianid company catalog, but also on the market in general. The "Standard" LED cigars have truly become a standard of quality at an optimal price, and their durability, combined with a performance of 100 lumens from every watt (W) of electricity consumed, testify to a product that deserves the attention of every reasonable consumer. We respect our customers and want to give you as long as possible peace of mind for the products you buy from us, so the minimum warranty period for this class of LED cigars is 3 years.

LED cigars class "A"

For true connoisseurs of performance, as well as for all professionals who need the maximum amount of light without maintenance costs, we created the class "A" cigars. In addition to more light, you also get a full 4-year warranty, so you can completely forget about lighting problems for a really long time.


All the LED cigars we produce comply with the standard dimensions for this type of lighting fixtures. Class "Standard" is available in 4 sizes with a length of 60cm, 90cm, 120cm and 150cm. For class "A", as well as for modular cigars, available sizes are 60cm, 120cm and 150cm. Keep in mind that, if technically possible, we also accept orders for the production of non-standard sizes.

Of course, we will not forget to mention the fact that all three classes produced by Dianid offer an enviable luminous flux of 110-120lm/W for class "A" and 90-100lm/W for class "Standard" and modular T5.

LED cigars can also be installed directly in existing 220V fixtures after removing the starter and choke.

How to choose LED cigars more easily?

Comparison of models produced by Dianid

Categories Warranty Luminous Flux/Yield Light color (K) Distractor Body Material Length (cm) Power consumption (W) Voltage (V) Power Color rendering index Usage
Standard 3 to 5 years 90-100lm/W 3000-3500 / 4000-4500 / 6000-6500 matte / transparent aluminum 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 9 / 16 / 18 / 24 220 one sided / two sided >80 Ra For all indoor applications. Placed in a moisture-proof body, they can be used in damp rooms
Class A 4 and 5 years 110-120lm/W 3000-3500 / 4000-4500 / 6000-6500 matte / transparent aluminum 60 / 120 / 150 12 / 22 / 30 220 one sided / two sided >80 Ra For all indoor applications. Recommended for work spaces where more light is needed. Placed in a moisture-proof body, they can be used in damp rooms
Modular 3 years 90-100lm/W 3000-3500 / 4000-4500 / 6000-6500 matte aluminum 60 / 120 / 150 9 / 18 / 24 220 one-sided with the possibility of serially connecting several bodies to each other >80 Ra For all indoor applications. Convenient for installation in places without available power bars or LED cigar fixtures.
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