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LED panels

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Choose an extremely efficient modern solution for your lighting. LED panels give a sense of luxury in the space, have low electricity consumption, distributing the light evenly without unpleasant glare that irritates the eyes.

You can very easily replace an outdated ceiling fixture (60x60 cm) with a modern LED panel. Due to their high energy efficiency, the new LED panels (also popular with this name) will return your investment in one year.

Are you planning to repair or renew the lighting in the office, house, apartment? Take advantage of an efficient solution that will optimize your costs to the maximum and get more productivity, more efficiency and more light.

For office or shop lighting, the preferred choice is an "ultra-thin" category panel. Designed for installation in a grid ceiling, the models with standard dimensions of 595x595 cm. can be installed by means of additional accessories (clips) in plasterboard panels, suspended from an ordinary concrete ceiling on metal ropes or added in an additional metal frame (surface mounting). 

Do not miss the section with promotional offers, where you will always find panels with the best prices for LED.

All offered models are our own production with a warranty of 2 to 5 years, round or square shape, ultra-thin or glass, with a power between 6W and 72W, and you choose the color temperature yourself according to your preferences.

LED panels 600x600 for installation in a raster ceiling

Often in practice we do not receive inquiries about the exact dimensions of Armstrong ceiling lights - LED panels 600x600 millimeters. We think it is important to clarify that it is possible to make these light fixtures in this size (600x600) if the customer has a good reason to do so. But it should be known that the standard place in the suspended ceiling for installation of square lighting panels is also exactly 600x600 mm in size.

This means that if the light fixture is also of these dimensions, there will be a problem during installation. Therefore, despite being known for the dimensions of 600x600 mm, the standard dimensions of LED panels for a raster ceiling are 595x595 mm. There is nothing strange about this, as it guarantees an easy and trouble-free installation of this type of panel, combined with the fact that it is only 9 mm thick. (for the ultra-thin models), a distance of only 10 centimeters is required between the ceiling and the raster ceiling. In addition, if for one of the models it is not specifically mentioned that its dimensions are 60x60 cm., 59.5 cm by 59.5 cm are used as a standard.

Square and rectangular LED panels

The LED panels for installation in a raster ceiling, which we produce in two shapes - a square and a rectangle. Both varieties offer the same features like dimming option, color temperature selection and different wattage. But how do you tell them apart and how do you choose between the two forms? Here, everything depends on the room in which you will install the lighting fixtures, as well as the space under them, which must be illuminated. Both varieties offer a wonderful opportunity to distribute light according to needs with proper pre-design. Perhaps if yours were to be given the least preference of the shapes (in terms of manual lighting control capabilities) it would probably be for the arcuate shape. With rectangular LED panels, you have the possibility to direct the light more precisely, thanks to the fact that you have a choice in which plane to direct them. In this way, a softer light will be obtained in one direction. Square LED panels provide uniform illumination in all directions, making it the preferred choice in a greater number of situations.

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