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LED strips

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LED strips are becoming an increasingly common choice for lighting because of the great flexibility they provide and the possibility of installation in hard-to-reach places. To achieve remarkable hidden lighting effects in suspended ceilings, flexible LED strips are the ideal solution.

The LED strips produced by Dianid company are of high quality and low electricity consumption, and the wide variety of models gives you the opportunity to find the right model according to your needs. More powerful models can be used to build basic lighting, and less powerful morels are suitable for achieving beautiful effects. The strips are made with a length according to your needs. The necessary power supply for the corresponding length of tape is also available separately.

Waterproof LED strip

Most flexible LED strips we manufacture and offer can be made as waterproof LED strips. For this purpose, they are placed in additional silicone protection. The LED strips made in this way are completely protected and can be used in wet rooms and even in water. The only limitation that exists when ordering water / moisture resistant tape is the length of the tape (up to 7 meters).

Concealed lighting with LED strip

The LED strip allows you to create impressive interior effects by building the so-called hidden lighting. In the subcategories Aluminum profiles for LED strips and Cornices for hidden lighting you will find the necessary accessories to fulfill your ideas.

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