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LED panel, 595х595х9mm, 72W, 220V with LED driver

LED panel, 595х595х9mm, 72W, 220V with LED driver

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Color temperature:3000-3500К / 4000-4500К / 6000-6500К

Luminous flux:80-90lm/W


CRI:>80 Ra

Beam angle:160°


Mounting:Armstrong ceiling ; Spring holder set ; Suspended mounting kit ; External mounting frame

IP rating:IP20

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LED panel, 595х595х9mm, 72W, 220V with LED driverLED panel, 595х595х9mm, 72W, 220V with LED driverLED panel, 595х595х9mm, 72W, 220V with LED driverLED panel, 595х595х9mm, 72W, 220V with LED driverLED panel, 595х595х9mm, 72W, 220V with LED driverLED panel, 595х595х9mm, 72W, 220V with LED driverLED panel, 595х595х9mm, 72W, 220V with LED driverLED panel, 595х595х9mm, 72W, 220V with LED driver

What kind of illumination do the LED panels provide?

You often ask us how many LED panels will be needed to illuminate a given space. We can most accurately answer this question after we set the dimensions of the room and the interior in specialized software, but in order to have a starting point and orient yourself better, you can use the data from the table below. Note that for an office space, the recommended illuminance is between 300 and 500 lux, with the general opinion that 500 lux is much more than necessary for a pleasant working atmosphere.

The data is achievable at a height of 0.70 m. from the floor (standard height of an office desk) under the following conditions: ceiling height - 2.80m. ; wall color - white. 

< td style="border: 1px solid; text-align: center; padding: 5px;">530
What illuminance is achieved with the different powers of Dianid's raster ceiling LED panels
LED panel power1 number of LED panels per 4m2
Illumination (lx )< /th>
1 LED panel per 7m2
Luminance (lx)
72W504< /td>

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Extended warranty period

All the products we manufacture come with a legal guarantee of at least 2 years. The standard warranty for LED raster ceiling panels, industrial LED bells, LED tubes, most LED spotlights and recessed lighting is 3 years, and for many products we offer an option to extend the warranty to 5 years.


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